Package gofer :: Package messaging :: Module transport :: Class SSL
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Class SSL

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qpid.messaging.transports.SocketTransport --+    
                qpid.messaging.transports.tls --+

SSL Transport. Extends tls to support client certificates.

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__init__(self, *args) source code

Inherited from qpid.messaging.transports.tls: close, reading, recv, send, writing

Inherited from qpid.messaging.transports.tls (private): _clear_state, _update_state

Inherited from qpid.messaging.transports.SocketTransport: fileno

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__init__(self, *args)

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  • args (list) - The argument list. Using arglist for compatability with many versions For <= 0.8 passed (host, port) For 0.10 (el6) passed (con, host, port)
Overrides: qpid.messaging.transports.SocketTransport.__init__